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فرع ند الحمر

First of all, let us tell you about Khaneen

Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and you will definitely feel it

Khaneen is a tender aroma of spices added to every dish to make it special. Every cook has own unique Khaneen

In the past, the Arabian Gulf countries’ cuisine was dominated by the simple Bedouin and pearl diver’s foods

The choice of ingredients was limited. It basically consisted of seafood and rice brought by Arab dhows which traded along the East African and the Indian sub-continent’s coasts

However, as centuries rolled by, these renowned ships of commerce brought back with them the spices of India and of the Indonesian archipelago. Thereafter, the people began to develop their own type of tasty foods, which became dominated with the aromatic smells of these spices

The perfume emitted by these spices gave a soft touch to the once harsh life lived by most of the people of the Gulf area

Afnan R.Zayani her book A Taste of the Arabian Gulf writes: “In those days, women would daily decorate their simple homes with fragrant flowers and constantly burn oud (incense). This love for aromatic smells found its way to their taste in food to the extent of using the word Khaneen – literally meaning perfumed – to pay a compliment to particularly delicious dish”.


Our Story

Welcome to Khaneen Cuisine

Good food has the ability to create exciting and enriching experiences. It is our love for these emotions and memories that inspired us to launch Khaneen Cuisine
Our goal was to infuse the culture and traditions of Kuwait as a nation and portray these through our dishes
Today, we pride ourselves for serving sumptuous Kuwaiti dishes inspired by the nation's favorites at our location in the heart of Dubai
Join us today for some great company and simply good food!


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